Download Free Android Apps Using Blackmart Alpha

Download Free Android Apps Using Blackmart Alpha

In this tutorial we will teach you how to download the android apps which are paid on google play store for free. In this method we will use an amazing android app market which is totally free and is called Blackmart Alpha. So we will use this blackmart alpha android market to download dull version paid for free.

Believe it or not this apps works very smoothly and provide only full apks and no trials. We have personally tested this app on our android device and it worked flawlessly.Now Download Free android apps for free.


So lets get started with the tutorial:

Learn How To download Free android apps:

Please note that we don’t support this method as it takes away the deserved money for developers. So, if you liked any app which is priced reasonably please donate the money to developer as it takes many weeks to make a deserving app.

So here are the steps you will need to download paid android apps for free.

  • First of all download the blackmart alpha app on to your android device.
  • After downloading the android app market just install in on to your android device.
  • After successfully installing it on to your device, just run THE BLACKMART ALPHA.
  • Now simply navigate to search field and simply enter the app name which you want to download free.
  • Now click on install option and your free app will be downloaded and install on to your device.

Hope you liked our tutorial on downloading premium android apps for free. If this tutorial helped you please leave a comment and do share. Keep visiting. Follow us for more tutorials like this. Enjoy downloading free android apps.

Blackmart Alpha For PC/Laptop Download Free

Blackmart Alpha for pc is basically a app market for android users which offers almost every paid app for free. It is sometimes called as google play alternative to download the android apps for android smartphone’s or tablets. Any device which has android as a operating system is capable to use this app for downloading paid apps for free.

The blackmart android app is so cool as it doesn’t ask you to register using any email like google play store. Every app listed on blackmart market is absolutely free unlike google play store where you have to pay for it.

Blackmart Alpha For PC/Laptop Download Free

Blackmart Alpha For PC

Also sometimes in Google Play Store there is a issue that sometimes play store list your device as incompatible for the app you want to download although it might be able to run the app but on blackmart alpha for pc there are no limitations and restrictions for any android device, any app listed on app can be easily installed on any your device successfully. This app brings all expensive apps to get downloaded for free in the android device.

You might be thinking that how can this be possible?, they might give us trial version but no blackmart offers free and full version only. You might wanna install blackmart on your pc or laptop but thinking my doesn’t have android then dont worry we have a solution for this also. Just read below and you will be able to successfully install bluestacks on to your laptop or pc.

Blackmart Alpha App for PC Features

Blackmart Alpha is a known as the popular alternative application store for Google’s own Play store, which provides many features to download the paid apps in very simple and easy way. We have listed blackmart’s features below:

  • Blackmart offers full, complete application without giving trial or test version app
  • It is very easy to use and simple to download any paid app
  • This app has multilingual option to get a full complete global user lang experience
  • There is absolutely no need to pay for any application listed on it
  • Apps get downloaded quite fast and easily
  • No need for filling any info for downloading apps

Download Blackmart Alpha for PC on Window 10 7 8 XP:

Blackmart Alpha for pc is a application store for Android mobile users only. If you want to run this app on your Windows PC/Laptop we need to have installed Bluestacks on to your system. This software bluestacks emulator will allow us to install any Android app on to your windows device and use them easily and ease.

Steps for installing blackmart on windows laptop and pc are:

  • First of all you will have to download a software called Bluestacks emulator in your PC/ Laptop from here.
  • Then just install it in your windows device and open and run it
  • Now simply search for “Blackmart Alpha” app in search bar of bluestacks
  • Select the blackmart app from search list and just click on install button and install it
  • Now the App will be installed in your windows device and saved in the apps menu
  • Open blackmart alpha from Bluestacks menu option and download any paid Android app onto pc for free.

Thanks for reading if you have any issues regarding installing blackmart alpha onto windows pc or laptop please drop a comment and we will try to respond at the earliest.

Download Blackmart for iPhone, iPad & iOS Devices

Blackmart for iPhone, iPad & iOS Devices : one of the best and free app markets for mobile folks to easily download extremely paid apps for free, cracked apks, free wallpapers, android apps and almost anything for android. Thousands and almost every of paid app’s for ios can be found in Blackmart for iphone as long as you have enabled the option in your settings install apps from unknown sources. So far, the closest android alternatives like Blackmart Alpha app are Approb, SnappzMarket and Aptoide but they can only provide you free apps.

There is no blackmart iOS app that can be found in these applications. As a result, now the question is where can i find blackmart alpha apk for iphone and ipad or apple devices. So for those folks who have just switched from Android to apple ios, we have gathered a blackmart alternatives for ios list which you might find very now download blackmart for iphone and download paid apps for free

Download Blackmart for iPhone and iPad (List Free)

Blackmart for iPhone


If you have already jailbreak your iphone 5 or 6 then this app will do the work which blackmart does for apple users. Cydia is known for providing millions of apps, tweaks and everything for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iMac etc. It can be used to download third party apps as it enables the option of third party installation on to your smartphone. The only difference between blackmart and cydia is that it requires jailbreak and has a limited number of apps.


AppCake is another frequently mentioned app on the apple hub and major technology related blogs and websites. AppCake is known for providing tons of free paid ios apps to both iOS and Android ecosystem users. Android users can simply install the AppCake apk on to their smartphone and use it download any apps they want. As per iOS users, they can install any apps using this ios app without jailbreak to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. apple iOS users who want Blackmart app for iPhone and iPad, try and download AppCake!


vShare ios app is another major alternative for blackmart and is currently very popular in iOS. It is one of the best free alternatives for all apple jailbreak users. Cydia users can download vShare via AppVV repo easily and then can start hunting for free iOS apps, tweaks. On the other hand, you can also use this vShare apple apps to download ios apps without doing jailbreak but it is only limited to certain number of apps and games. vShare also works well on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iphone 5se ,iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 8 , iPhone X.


OpenAppMkt is known as the best and latest Cydia alternatives in the apple market as of today. Many iOS 12,13 users and folks are already using both Cydia and the OpenAppMkt to install their preferred apple apps and games. It is not as popular and known as Cydia but it does provide something unique apps which hard to find out elsewhere. That is why it is definitely worth a try and installation.


Kuaiyong is widely and popularly recognized as the ultimate Blackmart for iPhone because it doesn’t require jailbreak iphone. A Kuaiyong user and folk is able to download all cracked apps and ios games to any apple devices without doing jailbreak. With the ability and accessibility to download paid ios apps without jailbreak, the number of people using Kuaiyong app is definitely on the rise. So far, Kuaiyong ios app is only available in Chinese version but Kuaiyong English version is on its way. To install Kuaiyong, simply go to the the brands official website or you can also download it via Cydia.

Unlike Android, you don’t need to find for Blackmart alpha APK. now you can answer questions like best balckmart alternative for iphone without jailbreak.

Loved this blackmart alternatives for iphones, ipad and ios devices then do share and comment below.

Download Blackmart Alternative Apps For Android 2020

Blackmart is known as the best alternative to Google play store for Android users. More than 40% of apps from Play store are not free to download. But when it comes to Blackmart users they can download any Android apps from millions of available apps for free from this platform. If you are looking for the best substitute to Blackmart app there are many apps. Here I am going to include some popular apps which work better for Android users. Check out top 7 Blackmart alternatives.

Download Blackmart Alternative Apps For Android 2020



This is known as one of the best replacements from Blackmart app. The main feature of this store is that users can download any apps they need for free. Also, all the apps are presented as open source so that users can study the codes and develop their technical knowledge.

This app store operates as a volunteering platform where users can contribute donations with which they will run the site. Apps are arranged well in order to help users to find what they want easily. All apps come with customer rating, reviews, and comments from users also.

1Mobile market

1Mobile Market is a growing app store with more than 1.6 million apps and games in it. This is suitable for Android users who want to try something new. They can find apps from almost all category from here without paying a single penny.  This is a globally accredited app which ensures faster and safer downloads of apps with recommendations of most popular apps.


1Mobile market is a very well-designed platform where users can choose apps from various categories and subcategories. Other than helping with your download process this is a platform which can help to remind you about all app updates by sending notifications.


Aptoide is a very good replacement for Blackmart with more than 150 million users from all around the world. The app is well resembling Google play store in looks and operation too. So, Android users can easily handle this app well without any difficulties. Aptoide offers you more than 700,000 apps for free. Using this platform, users can share the apps with their friends through social media platforms. Also, it ensures the security of your device while downloading apps from here.  All these features made this app store popular and a favorite choice of game lovers.

Mobogenie market

This app market is also very popular among Android users and can replace it with the Blackmart app. The main attraction of this app is the simple UI design. This is not only to download free Android apps. In addition to all those apps, Mobogenie provides music, e-books, movies and many more things for free. Users can even download YouTube videos using this app store without the need of an external software. Other than downloading the apps it also helps users to restore and back up data whenever needed.


Appbrain is a leading app store with millions of Android apps in it. Android users can try this app instead of Blackmart as it provides all the premium apps for free. This is an app promotional platform where developers can advertise their apps. Most premium apps will be free to download from Appbrain for a short period as a part of their promotion. Another advantage of this app store is that it is well-connected with social media and users can share any apps from this store with their friends. It is very easy to operate and is accessible to everyone around the world.


GetAPK is another brilliant app to replace Blackmart. It offers millions of excellent Android apps to download without paying money. All apps from this app store is in APK format so that Android users can get apps and games in APK format directly from here. Apps from here can be directly downloaded to your Android device or else download it using a computer and transfer it to your mobile device. Users can find all new apps from this store including highly rated premium apps. Also, this is designed to remind users about the latest updates they need to do for their existing apps.


Appzuma is a good replacement of Blackmart app with so many Android applications for free. Users can find any app or game they want and download it without paying from this store. Appzuma also let the user’s rate any apps so that others can understand the app rating before downloading it. Get as many apps you want without a limit from Appzuma marketplace. This is safe to use as it won’t harm your device by inserting any malware.

Final words

Blackmart is a good source of Android apps. If it is not available, the above apps will help you to get premium apps from the Google Play store for free.

Blackmart APK v2.1 Download For Android 2020 (Official Build)

Blackmart APK is a popular marketplace similar to Google Play Store. Most Android users get apps and games on their device from the Google Play store. But sometimes they won’t get all the apps they look for due to legal terms and conditions. Google won’t include apps which violate Google’s terms and conditions. So, users need to get the APK version of the app from an external source. It is better to find a reliable marketplace in order to download the app they need. Blackmart is a good choice for such users to download any app they need for free.

Blackmart is one of the largest marketplaces with millions of Android apps. The main advantage of this app is that it offers premium apps from the Google Play store for free. But this is not a legal marketplace like the Google. Android users can download it from its official website. Other than Android version Blackmart also offers various versions for PC and IOS users. Download Blackmart APK and enjoy the treasure of unlimited apps and games for free. The app is user-friendly, and users can download any app they want easily.

Blackmart APK v2.1 Download For Android 2020 (Official Build)

App Name BlackMart Alpha
File Type APK
Size 5.9 MB
Version 2019.2.1
Language English
Supported Devices Android 2.3+
Category App Stores

Blackmart APK Features

Blakmart APK became popular because of its huge collection of Android apps. Android users who don’t want to waste their money on paid apps can try this marketplace to see it’s apps collection. There are many popular games in the Google Play store where you need to pay to get immunities and many other powers. But when you download a game from Blackmart it will be the unlocked version which offers you everything for free. Save your money by using this excellent secondary marketplace with so many interesting features. Best features of Blackmart APK are given below.


Free-: Download Blackmart APK for free from its official website. Users can directly download the app they need without signing up to an account. No need to add your payment information also while setting up this app

Easy to use-: Blackmart APK is a website which designed similarly to Google Play store. The main speciality of this app is the simple user-interface. Anyone can operate this app without much technical knowledge. Search algorithm of this app is very fast, and users can easily download the apps or games they want from Blackmart APK.

Huge collection of apps-: Blackmart APK is one of the largest secondary marketing places with a lot of premium apps for free. It has many apps from various categories and all of them are well arranged with customer ratings and reviews. They update all their database daily and brings APK version of all new apps immediately.

Compatibility-: Blackmart APK is designed and tested to be compatible with almost all Android versions. All the apps can be downloaded in any of the Android devices with various OS versions.

Safe to use-: Blackmart APK ensures complete safety to users’ device when they download an app from it. It only includes app after passing security clearance. So, no need to worry about your device safe while using Blackmart on your Android device.

No need of Rooting-: Blackmart APK runs on rooted as well as the non-rooted device. Users who need to save their personal information for privacy reasons can use it on a non-rooted device.  

Blackmart APK won’t consume so much of your device space. Also, users can download apps to their SD card to save your device space. Like all other secondary app marketing places like Aptoid, APKmirror, Appbrain etc Blackmart is also getting popular among Android users.

No need to spend money unnecessarily on apps when there is a chance to download apps for free.  There are Blackmart APK available for IOS and PC too. There is no limitation of downloads while using this app store too. Try Blackmart APK and get the premium apps or free apps you want without paying money.

How to install Blackmart APK on Android device

Blackmart APK is not available to download from Google Play store. Users can get it from the official website of Blackmart app. Android device won’t allow you to download apps from any third-party sites due to security reason. So, before starting the download process Android users need to enable downloading from external sources.

If you have not enabled this, you will see security issues while starting to download. If you don’t know how to enable download from external sources just follow this path (Setting>Locks and screen setting>Unknown sources). Tap on the button and toggle it towards the right and enable it. After enabling it to follow the below steps.

  • Download Blackmart APK from its official site and wait for the process to complete.
  • After completing the download process open the app and tap on Install button.
  • Complete the installation process and enjoy the Blackmart app to download any games or app you want.

While opening this app you need to allow the app to access your details like network, location, receive data from the internet etc to start working. Blackmart APK is a free app to use so you need to adjust with a lot of ads. But for users who don’t want to see those ads, there is a paid version of the app called Blackmart Pro which is free from any annoying ads. We cannot consider it as a legal app. Blackmart is an illegal app which offers premium apps for free.

Final words

Blackmart contains apps from all categories with the various security level. Sometimes uploaders inject malicious materials into some app before uploading to Blackmart. So, make sure to have a good virus protection software on your device such as to protect it from unwanted attacks. Get premium apps of Google Play store for free from Blackmart APK. Download the app onto your device and enjoy the unlimited collection of games and apps.