Download Blackmart for iPhone, iPad & iOS Devices

Blackmart for iPhone, iPad & iOS Devices : one of the best and free app markets for mobile folks to easily download extremely paid apps for free, cracked apks, free wallpapers, android apps and almost anything for android. Thousands and almost every of paid app’s for ios can be found in Blackmart for iphone as long as you have enabled the option in your settings install apps from unknown sources. So far, the closest android alternatives like Blackmart Alpha app are Approb, SnappzMarket and Aptoide but they can only provide you free apps.

There is no blackmart iOS app that can be found in these applications. As a result, now the question is where can i find blackmart alpha apk for iphone and ipad or apple devices. So for those folks who have just switched from Android to apple ios, we have gathered a blackmart alternatives for ios list which you might find very now download blackmart for iphone and download paid apps for free

Download Blackmart for iPhone and iPad (List Free)

Blackmart for iPhone


If you have already jailbreak your iphone 5 or 6 then this app will do the work which blackmart does for apple users. Cydia is known for providing millions of apps, tweaks and everything for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iMac etc. It can be used to download third party apps as it enables the option of third party installation on to your smartphone. The only difference between blackmart and cydia is that it requires jailbreak and has a limited number of apps.


AppCake is another frequently mentioned app on the apple hub and major technology related blogs and websites. AppCake is known for providing tons of free paid ios apps to both iOS and Android ecosystem users. Android users can simply install the AppCake apk on to their smartphone and use it download any apps they want. As per iOS users, they can install any apps using this ios app without jailbreak to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. apple iOS users who want Blackmart app for iPhone and iPad, try and download AppCake!


vShare ios app is another major alternative for blackmart and is currently very popular in iOS. It is one of the best free alternatives for all apple jailbreak users. Cydia users can download vShare via AppVV repo easily and then can start hunting for free iOS apps, tweaks. On the other hand, you can also use this vShare apple apps to download ios apps without doing jailbreak but it is only limited to certain number of apps and games. vShare also works well on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iphone 5se ,iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 8 , iPhone X.


OpenAppMkt is known as the best and latest Cydia alternatives in the apple market as of today. Many iOS 12,13 users and folks are already using both Cydia and the OpenAppMkt to install their preferred apple apps and games. It is not as popular and known as Cydia but it does provide something unique apps which hard to find out elsewhere. That is why it is definitely worth a try and installation.


Kuaiyong is widely and popularly recognized as the ultimate Blackmart for iPhone because it doesn’t require jailbreak iphone. A Kuaiyong user and folk is able to download all cracked apps and ios games to any apple devices without doing jailbreak. With the ability and accessibility to download paid ios apps without jailbreak, the number of people using Kuaiyong app is definitely on the rise. So far, Kuaiyong ios app is only available in Chinese version but Kuaiyong English version is on its way. To install Kuaiyong, simply go to the the brands official website or you can also download it via Cydia.

Unlike Android, you don’t need to find for Blackmart alpha APK. now you can answer questions like best balckmart alternative for iphone without jailbreak.

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