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Mobdro App: Video streaming is one form of entertainment that can be used to relax and enjoy with friends or family. It has replaced the use of television which is generally not portable. But, now in smartphones, we can stream our desired videos on – the – go. We can stream videos through many applications and Mobdro is one of them.

Mobdro is one of the best video streaming apps. This is one of the leading apps which provides various premium TV channels. Mobdro app is the famous trending application that provides their users with High Definition (HD) quality video streams. It had been installed by million people and become one of the favourable application in the entertainment category.

What do we find in Mobdro?


When considering about an app that allows users to stream videos on the go and share them with our friends; this app fulfils all considerations. This app is best for video enthusiast. Mobdro was designed keeping in mind that enthusiasts can stream any videos around the world, from different topics and languages.

There are many similar apps such as Netflix, but the use of Mobdro is very simple to understand and the apk file is available for free on the Internet. The disadvantage of this app is that it can only run on Android devices running Android 4.1 or above; that is, the minimum requirement of android is Icecream Sandwich.

This app is not available Google Play Store for unknown reasons. It can only be downloaded from its developer website.


Although this app is available for free, it also provides us premium options. This app provides two options to its users one is premium and another is free.

In Mobdro premium, users can enjoy all features but in mobdro free, we cannot be able to access all features. The extra features in more premium are “download streams” and “chrome cast support”.

Chromecast support allows users to put the video on a larger screen such as T.V. and remove all ads to make the video clearer for wonderful viewing experience since the videos will run in high definition.

This remove ad feature is not available in the free version so many users use its premium feature to enhance the whole experience of enjoying free videos and can also enjoy 4K videos.

To enjoy mobdro premium, users should access the app from inside and then select the logo of mobdro which is placed in the upper left corner. After that, we have to choose the option “Go Premium”. Then we have to buy a subscription through online payment and then we can enjoy the exciting features of mobdro.

This able is only available for Android users; it is not available to IOS users, so it cannot be installed on iPhone or iPad.

In mobdro premium, we are able to save our selected videos in our device and can also set the sleep timer after which the video stops automatically when the timer stops. So, by buying its premium feature which will cost few dollars a year, this app becomes more convenient to use and is user-friendly.

Overview of premium features of mobdro apk:

  • Ad free – It is completely ad free which enhances user experience.
  • Download videos – We can save selected videos to our device so that we can enjoy it wherever we want even though we are not connected to the internet.

  • Chrome cast support – With the use of chrome cast, we can watch our videos on the bigger screen.
  • Sleep timer – This sets a timer after which video stops playing. If we fall asleep then we won’t be waking up with a dead battery.

Mobdro free app is dedicated for users or seekers who search the best free video streams on the internet. We can find videos in every language as well. It also provides us to share recommended videos with just one click. As simple as that. We can also bookmark videos if we want to watch it again later.


We can also try mobdro tv app available for free. It has amazing features that will be started once we get the premium version of mobdro namely, chrome cast support. With this one, the app will turn into mobdro for smart TV. We can also see our videos on the large screen with chrome cast support. It also helps us to enjoy any video in more sharp, crisp and clear screen. In the end, for example, it would be easy o turn the regular mobdro app into mobdro for Samsung smart TV.

In this, the app will just act like mobdro online TV,  from which we can enjoy unlimited videos. We can also bookmark our favorite video in the favorite list and can also share them with our friends.


If you are a fan of sports then you can enjoy free sports videos. Mobdro online TV is the best app for sports loving person. This app allows users to stream Live sports channels such as Sky Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, BT Sports, NBA TV and Eurosport for free.

The content of mobdro is updated daily so that we can enjoy fresh videos and live TV broadcasts. So its’s users can choose from thousands of channels and various different languages.


This app is really interesting as it is easy to install and use. Once the app is installed there will be an ocean of interesting video streaming features to enjoy. This app can only be run on an android platform with the device powered by android 4.1 or above.

There are plenty of apps or alternatives of Mobdro apk such as Netflix, playbox, the movie box, and crackle which are perfect alternatives.

The advantage of Netflix is that it can be run on Android as well as on IOS. Similarly, the others can also be run on both platforms androids as well IOS.

Lastly, due to some great features of mobdro such as chrome cast support this app is the most desirable app.

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